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MasterCard Red and Yellow Logo VISA Blue and Yellow LogoVISA/Mastercard for Betting Deposits and Withdrawals

Some of the most popular international betting sites incorporate VISA and Mastercard as their payment methods because of their widespread usage and ease of transferring the funds. Indian players who wish to sign up on an international betting site or casino website can do so easily as signing up for Facebook or creating an email ID. Once you are able to create a profile on the betting site, it becomes exceptionally easy for you to make deposits using your credit or debit card and begin playing exciting games or placing bets with real money. 

easy for you to make deposits using your credit or debit card

Since credit and debit cards are among the most common payment methods on online bookmakers, we thought of collecting all the necessary information and putting it in this article so you can easily understand the use of these services. 


FAQ Visa & MasterCard

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List of Casino and Betting Sites that Accept VISA and Mastercard

The list can go on and on, but we chose to give you the names of the some of the best ones that have received positive reviews. Both credit and debit cards are allowed on all the above-mentioned sites to make withdrawals and deposits easier and less time-consuming.  How Do I Apply for a Credit or Debit Card? Every major and small bank has simplified the registration process for a debit and credit card. Here are some basic pointers you should know when applying for a VISA or Mastercard at your bank:

  • The moment you are done registering yourself with the bank, you are eligible to apply for a debit and credit card.
  • Mostly, a debit card is handed over to the customer upon opening an account with a bank. If you want to apply for a credit card, you need to fill an application form. 
  • For your credit card application to be processed, you need to present the bank proof of your income so they can determine the credit card limits
  • After the credit card is issued, you need to go online and get yourself registered. This will help you easily make payments online with complete safety. 
  • Banks also allow customers to apply for a credit card online. Most banks provide a password that can be used to verify any transaction a customer does with their credit card
  •  Once the payment gateway provider (VISA and Mastercard) is done with the verification, a credit card can be used on online betting sites. All you have to do is add the card details including the CVV number. 

However, in April 2020, the United Kingdom decided to ban the use of credit cards in gambling to decrease the number of problem gamblers. This has affected the use of both VISA and Mastercard credits cards. The reason behind this decision was that 22% of individuals who were gambling were problem gamblers who were using their credit card to evade certain obligations. 

How to Make a Payment Using a Debit or Credit Card?

Signing up to make a payment online through a credit or debit card is pretty simple. Here are the steps you can follow to transfer the funds on any betting site or make a payment on any online platform: 

  • Upon signing up, it is necessary that you select debit or credit card as the payment method from the available option. You will be redirected to the cashier page on the portal for the final steps. 
  • Also, you can use debit or credit cards on some e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, Paytm, and Neteller. You can create an account on any of the e-wallets and store your card details without worrying about any theft or sharing of your data. While making payment you will be redirected to any of the accounts where you can provide the instructions to make the payment through the registered and verified card details
  • If you want to make the payment directly using a credit or debit card on a casino or betting site, you would only need to enter your card number, CVV, card holder’s name, and the date of expiry. 
  • If you want to register to an online casino that accepts credit and debit cards, all the above-mentioned names of casinos and betting sites will be the best options, especially if you are an Indian player. 

How to Verify Your Credit and Debit Card Account?

Before beginning with making payments, you need to get your debit and credit card verified so you can proceed with performing transactions. The VISA site is responsible for verifying your card. You need to register your card to your bank’s website which will help you get the card verified for making online payments. 

Confidentiality and Privacy of your Mastercard and VISA details on a Betting and Casino Site

Even if you willingly share your debit or credit card number, CVV and the expiry date, every piece of information is safely guarded at a licensed and legally operating casino or betting site. If you proceed with registering yourself at any of the online betting sites we have mentioned, you can be rest assured that the information will be safe with them and won’t be shared or misused for personal benefit. To make sure things are safer, you can create an e-wallet account and use your credit or debit card to fund that account. To make a deposit the e-wallet would be a much safer and faster transfer method. 

Things to Consider When Gambling and Betting with Credit & Debit Cards 

All the online betting and gambling sites we have mentioned are all debit and credit slot sites that allow players to gamble and bet with their debit and credit card. This helps in making payments with greater ease, even if you have not registered yourself for any of the e-wallet or other online payment methods. Mostly, the payment terms are the same as that of e-wallet when you are using a debit or credit card like a VISA or Mastercard. Therefore, there is no loss for you if you bet with the card of your preference.

Things to Consider When Depositing with a VISA or Mastercard

When you choose your VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card to deposit funds in your betting account, you should consider the following points:

  • Make sure that you can make deposits and withdrawals using the same card. However, in some cases, the bank might reject your card because of regional restrictions or restrictions impose by the website. 
  • Deposits generally involve a minimum amount which varies on each website. Most of the betting sites have a minimum deposit limit of 10 in various currencies. The credit or debit account would be charged accordingly for the amount that is equivalent in Indian Rupees.
  • Most VISA and Mastercard banks make sure that no processing fee is charged so that the player can save more on transferring amounts and invest more in wagering bets. 
  • Online casinos that are accepting debit and credit cards allow players to make deposits in an instant without paying any transaction fee.
  • Players need to get their member account verified before proceeding with depositing at the online casino. This mostly requires the player to provide address proof and age proof. A copy of the driver’s license, a copy of your electricity or any other utility bill, and a copy of your passport will be enough to verify their account.  

Things to Consider When Withdrawing with VISA or Mastercard

You should keep in mind the things mentioned below while withdrawing money using your VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card:

  • A timeline is defined for the processing of your withdrawal request by the casino or betting site. This is usually 24-48 hours before the amount gets reflected in your bank account. 
  • The money transferred in your bank account will be equivalent to the conversion rates that apply to every currency that the website is accepting. 
  • Most casino and betting sites have set a minimum withdrawal limit which is mostly 50 in equivalent currency. This minimum requirement needs to be meet before you can proceed with the withdrawal process. 

VISA & Mastercard: What is the Difference?

Although there is a lot of similarity between both, VISA and Mastercard are not identical. Each of these payment networks offers generous and convenient services to the cardholders. However, there are a couple of caveats that apply to each of them which customers should be aware of. Below are some of the differences that you should know about VISA and Mastercard: It is up to the issuing authority whether the card will have a network benefit or not. This means that VISA might be offering benefits on rental card coverage, but it is not guaranteed that every VISA card would offer the same benefit.  Types of VISA Cards There are three types of VISA cards which offer three levels of benefits: 

  • VISA Traditional: This the basic VISA card that offers zero fraud liability, emergency roadside assistance facility, emergency replacement of card, and auto rental collision damage coverage benefits. 
  • VISA Signature: Its benefits include all the benefits of the Traditional card along with worldwide emergency assistance and travel benefit and extended warranty protection.
  • VISA Infinite: All the benefits of the Signature card have been added along with purchase protection, lost luggage reimbursement, trip interruption and cancellation insurance, travel accident insurance, and return protection. 

Types of Mastercard Mastercard is available in three variants:

  • Mastercard Standard: This is the basic Mastercard that offers benefits such as identity theft protection, emergency card replacement facility, and zero fraud liability. Before July 2019, cardholders were also offered extended price protection and extended warranty protection, but both the benefits have been suspended. 
  • Mastercard World: This variant of Mastercard includes all the Standard-level benefits along with discounts and promotions with different retailers, complete access to a concierge, cellphone insurance, and travel benefits through Mastercard Travel & Lifestyle Services
  • Mastercard World Elite: All the benefits of the World-level Mastercard are included in World Elite along with discounts and promotions and golf benefits.

Advantages of VISA and Mastercard

There are many reasons for you to use VISA and Mastercard on betting sites. One of the most prominent reasons that all players consider is worldwide acceptance; both VISA and Mastercard are accepted on almost every international betting site and are considered to be very reliable. We have mentioned a few more reasons that would compel you to use VISA and Mastercard for your betting and gambling activities:

  • Transaction Speed: Both VISA and Mastercard instantly deposit the funds in your betting account while the withdrawal speeds are one of the fastest that any payment method offers. The withdrawal processing time is around 24 hours for UK customers. However, the processing time varies depending on the betting site and the bank.
  • Convenience: Most of the betting sites accept VISA and Mastercard in countries that it accepts the players from. Both of them are incorporated as default payment methods for most players. In case you are not able to use VISA and Mastercard options, it is because your bank is not accepted by the betting site.
  • Cost: No extra transaction fee is charged when you use VISA and Mastercard for withdrawal and deposits on any of the online betting sites. 
  • Trust: They both are among the most trusted payment methods worldwide that ensure total privacy and protection of your information. VISA and Mastercard are huge entities trusted by all international and most national banks along with all the major bookmaker sites.

The only disadvantage with VISA and Mastercard is that you have to share your data with the platform you are transferring the amount to or from. This poses a threat to your bank account as it can be hacked into by any cybercriminal or misused by an illegitimate betting site. However, this is not the case with e-wallets such as Skrill, PayPal, Paytm, and Neteller. 

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