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EntroPay light blue logoEntroPay: A Convenient Online Betting Payment Method

With the increasing number of online bettors looking for unique and easier payment methods for their betting wins and deposits, a wide variety of options have emerged that make money transfer safer and much more convenient. EntroPay is one such online payment method that has gained great popularity among online bettors from around the world. Many online betting sites accept EntroPay as a payment method which makes it easier for bettors from certain countries to perform the transactions. 

Many online betting sites accept EntroPay as a payment method

EntroPay may work in a similar way Skrill & Neteller work. However, there is one thing which makes it different from other e-wallets. EntroPay has a unique Virtual VISA option available for all users to make different types of transactions. With Virtual VISA Card, there is no usage limit which allows the user to use it on any website across the Internet for online payments. However, one should make sure that the website is accepting VISA cards as a payment method.  In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of this online betting payment method to give you a clear picture of how feasible is it to use EntroPay on a betting site. 

FAQ EntroPay

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How EntroPay Works?

Opening an account on EntroPay is fairly simple. All you have to do is go to EntroPay’s official website and start the sign-up process. You will have to fill all the mandatory fields in the registration form to move forward with the process. The form will ask for your basic information and the currency you will use to perform your transaction. Three currency options are offered to the users — USD, EUR, & GBP. The best way to go about this is to choose the currency that you can most comfortably bet with. This will not only save conversion charges but a great deal of time. After selecting everything, your account will be created and now you can perform transactions through your newly created account.

Why go for EntroPay?

There are numerous reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of EntroPay: Accepted by Many Online Betting Sites: EntroPay is nothing but a VISA card. This means you can use it on a number of online casinos and betting sites. Most online casinos gladly accept EntroPay as a betting payment method. Also, this VISA Card can be used at various online stores to make purchases.  Quick Deposits and Withdrawals: Using EntroPay e-wallet for online deposits and withdrawals at casinos is convenient because of the transaction speed. You can make an online deposit and start with placing bets on a game almost immediately. As soon as you make a deposit, the amount is reflected in your betting account. However, withdrawals may take a considerable amount of time which is around 1-2 business days. Privacy Matters: The EntroPay Virtual VISA card improves your privacy in a number of ways. First and foremost: it lets you conceal all your online gambling transactions. This means such transactions won’t get reflected in credit card and bank statements. However, the deposits made to EntroPay (to get the card loaded) will be reflected in all of the bank statements. It also helps conceal your personal banking information from various online entities, including the betting site Safe and Secure: Everybody likes to use an e-wallet that is secure. This is because they don’t disclose or share your bank details with a third party. EntroPay ensures that all of your personal banking details stay safe. The EntroPay Virtual VISA Card makes sure your personal banking information is not compromised. 

How to Add Funds on EntroPay?

Primarily, you can add money to your EntroPay account using a debit card which is VISA supported. In India, several banks offer their debit cards with VISA support. This is one of the few ways that you can use EntroPay.

you can add money to your EntroPay account using a debit card which is VISA supported

After checking all the above conditions, you need to make sure that you are ‘Verified by VISA’. This is an important step for all users as without going through the verification process, you won’t be able to add or withdraw money from your betting account as all your transactions will be denied by EntroPay. There are different ways you can verify yourself on EntroPay All the instructions are listed to make the sign-up process easier for you. After you are done with the verification and other necessary steps, you can perform transfers without any restrictions using your EntroPay Virtual VISA Card Although the transaction process has been kept pretty simple, you can always choose a much more reliable option like a wire bank transfer or online banking. However, these methods are time-taking and slow. Therefore, we recommend that you use EntroPay’s Virtual VISA Card payment method for instant and safe transactions. 

Depositing on a Betting Site?

After you are done with the registration and verification process, making a deposit on a betting site won’t be a challenge. Even before your start, you should check whether the online betting site you have chosen accepts EntroPay payments. When adding money in your betting account, you need to choose EntroPay as the payment method. Upon selecting the payment option, you will be redirected to the EntroPay login-in page where you have to fill in the account login details so you can go ahead with the transaction. Now you are all done and you can start betting online.

Online Betting Sites that Accept EntroPay?

There are many online betting sites, gambling hubs, and casinos that accept EntroPay as a payment method. These sites ensure that your payment is carried out most securely and safest manner. Below are some of the major online betting sites that accept EntroPay as an online payment method:

PS: Betway allows EntroPay deposits along with deposits in Indian National Rupee (INR). You can sign up to earn a 100% bonus of up to ₹2,500. 

How do Withdrawals work on EntroPay?

The moment you are done betting, you can ask for the funds to be transferred directly to your bank account. You need to log into the website and click the ‘EntroPay Card” option mentioned on the top. After that, you need to select the EntroPay Card wherein you want to get the money transferred. Next, click on the ‘transfer funds’ option and add the amount you want to withdraw and select the ‘New Bank Account’ option. You can then enter your banking details and click ‘next’.  An Alternative: The EntroPay Visa Card can be used as an online payment method on a many online stores to make purchases. 

How to Save Transfer Fee on EntroPay?

Many users complain about the high fee charged by EntroPay. Getting the account funded will cost you about 5% of the total amount whereas transferring the money back to your personal banking account will cost about 2%. Both of these amounts are considerably higher as compared to other e-wallets Those looking to save on these charges can opt for Neteller and Skrill for depositing and withdrawing the amount. The most convenient thing is that every user has the option to choose the transaction currency. Indian bettors can go for INR to save up on the conversion charges that would be applicable if any other currency is used to make withdrawals and deposits. 

How Secure is EntroPay?

‘How legitimate is EntroPay?’ is the most common question bettors ask. The risks involved cannot be taken out of the picture either. EntroPay is one of the most secure online betting payment methods you will ever come across. The parent company of EntroPay has been simplifying payment solutions for over 2 decades.  EntroPay, on the other hand, has been serving customers since 2003 EntroPay has gained global recognition for being a reliable online betting payment method. This is primarily because of its long-standing collaboration with VISA. This e-wallet service is completely legitimate and all of their security measures have been put in place as per industry standards.

How Does the EntroPay Visa Card Work?

EntroPay was the first of its kind virtual VISA Card that was made available to online gambling enthusiasts in 2003. To use it, you can sign-up and create an EntroPay account. You can add your personal banking information to withdraw funds from EntroPay You need a username along with a password if you wish to start using your EntroPay Virtual VISA Card for making purchases online. An interesting thing about the EntroPay VISA Card is that users can set up multiple Virtual VISA Cards for various uses. Also, these can all be set in various currencies, including USD and GBP. New cards can be added and older ones can be removed within no time.  In terms of the minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, EnntroPay has a minimum top-up limit of up to £10, whereas the maximum top-up limit is £1,000, per transaction. You can recharge the cards using your credit and/or debit card. This card acts as a one-stop solution for placing bets on a lot of online betting sites. Also, you don’t need to attach your banking details with the Virtual VISA Card What to do When my EntroPay Account Gets Frozen? You might get an email from EntroPay saying that restrictions have been laid on your account because of some maintenance activity. The restrictions can be lifted by using the following means:

  • A copy of your driving license or passport would be required
  • A copy of the funding sources that are registered in your name is also required
  • A copy of the utility bill wherein your address is mentioned is also required
  • The name of the store/vendor where you wish to spend the amount is also required

A Detailed Explanation: Point 1 and 2 are fairly simple because all you need is a clearly-scanned copy of your debit card and ID card. You can use a computer editing software to remove the last two digits on your debit card along with the CVV number.  As far as the utility bills go, you need to ensure that one of the bills (at least) is registered in your name. It can be the power bill or the Internet connection bill. A bill from your DTH service provider would also work. It is quite a common practice for online gambling platforms to ask for utility bills during the verification cycle.

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