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At bettingsitesforyou.com, we offer you an in-depth review of GoCash, an online payment method that is gradually gaining popularity among the betting community. In this GoCash review, we will discuss what the payment method is, how it is beneficial for players, what is the fee structure for various transactions, and which online betting sites accept GoCash as a payment method. 

How are Prepaid Cards Beneficial?

Before discussing the benefits of prepaid cards, we need to understand the difference between a prepaid, credit, debit card. A prepaid card is nowhere related or linked to your bank account. However, this is not all. As you might know, it is not simple to get a credit card. Many times, user requests are rejected which again requires them to go through the application process. Moreover, debit cards require users to have a checking account and pay a visit to their nearest bank. This too is not quite simple and quick as going to an offline store and purchasing one.  Most people are not able to obtain a credit card due to the inability of not maintaining an established credit that is required to qualify. Prepaid cards solve this problem in an instant. There is no need to maintain a personal credit to be qualified for a prepaid card. These cards are completely safe for internet cafes, online betting sites, and various other payment purposes.  You can simply purchase a prepaid card and load it with money at a physical location. These locations vary according to the company issuing a particular prepaid card. Many times you can recharge your prepaid card online which is a much faster method than offline sources. Some banks allow users to transfer the funds from their checking account directly into the prepaid card. You should be sure about the card having the VISA or MasterCard logo. Most cards have the logo located on the lower right part.  These cards are easily accepted on any of the online bookmaker sites that accept VISA and MasterCard payments. Once you fund the card, it works like a regular credit card that can be used to make purchases of all kinds and wager money on various events on betting sites. You can make the deposit in your betting account and straight away start betting.

prepaid card is nowhere related or linked to your bank account

The process of applying for the prepaid card varies upon the type of card you are applying for. Some of the most common prepaid cards can be obtained by visiting a location such as a grocery store, gas station or any other place that sells them. You can select from the prepaid cards with different fund volumes. However, these cards are mostly available in smaller denominations than other cards.  You can use cash or any other means to buy a prepaid card. Whenever you purchase a prepaid card, it is nowhere linked to the payment mode you have used to purchase it with. For instance, if you have used your credit card to make the purchase, the prepaid card will not be linked to your bank account or the debit card. 

FAQ GoCash

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Types of Prepaid Cards

Here are some of the most commonly available prepaid cards: Prepaid Gift Cards This is a kind of prepaid card that is available in physical form and is almost similar to a credit or debit card. Mostly, prepaid gift cards come with fixed values, expiration dates, and spending limits. A huge number of companies around the world issue prepaid gift cards including VISA and MasterCard through their authorized locations and various online retailers. Moreover, many companies operate in collaboration with VISA and MasterCard, offering online bettors more options with similar security assurance.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards

A reloadable prepaid card is among the most preferred type of card among online bettors. Its ability to transfer instantly makes it suitable for live betting deposits. Since these cards can be reloaded, there is no need to purchase a new card every time you are depositing in your betting account.  Different methods are available for reloading this prepaid card which depends on the company issuing the card. Many times, you might be required to visit a store where you brought your reloadable prepaid card from. You can pay cash or use a credit or debit card to recharge your card. The amount is directly transferred from your bank account to your prepaid card Most prepaid cards are available for free on limited time offers. After a few months, users are required to pay a monthly fee to keep using the card. The fee is not too high but you must be aware of it. However, not every reloaded prepaid card charges a monthly fee but none of them is available for free either. Also, you may be required to pay a fee for different types of transactions you make along with the conversion charges for different currencies. 

Voucher Prepaid Card

This type of prepaid card might seem a bit odd, but its purpose and functionality are pretty much the same as other prepaid cards. These cards are available on a paper slip rather than plastic. Users are provided with a receipt that contains all the information necessary for them to make a payment.  When it comes to the anonymity of the user, a Voucher prepaid card takes the lead. None of the personal information is linked to the card. The card is not so uncommon among betting sites. Most of the online bookmakers accept Voucher prepaid cards for deposits.  Moreover, some companies allow users to transfer their funds in their old prepaid cards to the new one. This helps players stay in complete control of their finances. 

Virtual Prepaid Cards

A lot of authorized vendors issue Virtual prepaid cards, most of which are still MasterCard and VISA. These are not physical cards, which sometimes creates confusion among a lot of online bettors. Them being virtual contributes to their safety, preventing them from getting lost or stolen.  Virtual prepaid cards were specifically designed for users to make online payments. Therefore, they would be the best online deposit method for any online sportsbook. However, acquiring a Virtual prepaid card might not be much convenient than obtaining a physical prepaid card. Users are required to create an account online through an online banking company. These type of companies asks for some personal information and authentication to issue a Virtual prepaid card. This might take long which is why a lot of players do not prefer this payment method.  Despite this, there are still a huge number of players in the betting community who chose Virtual prepaid cards over any other payment method. The perks and security make it suitable for sports bettors. Most of the times, Virtual prepaid cards are available with higher single transaction limits and lower fees.

What is GoCash?

GoCash is a type of reloadable prepaid card service that is recognized all over the world for its reliability and secure transaction process. Issued by the UAE Exchange, the card was developed in association with MasterCard. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, GoCash is made available to bettors all across the globe. All the transactions made through the GoCash card get processed instantly.  The GoCash card can be used to pay for purchases, withdraw money from ATMs, and make different kinds of transactions on various online and offline platforms. The upper spending limit for a GoCash Card is set at around $6,800. Every currency type is provided with a different wallet. A card fee of AED 50 is levied while a fee of AED 2 is levied when you want to reload the card. This multi-currency card can be easily topped up by filling the authentication form where you are asked to generate a single-use password.

Advantages of Using a GoCash Card

GoCash is a six-currency prepaid card that provides punters with a wide range of benefits:

  • Convenience There is no need for a bank account when you are obtaining a GoCash card. All that is required is basic documentation such as identity proof.
  • Exchange Rate Lock GoCash card allows players to protect their loaded amount from going into loss due to fluctuations in currency rates. The Exchange Lock facility makes sure that the value stays the same when you deposit the amount in your betting account.
  • Widely Accepted GoCash card is widely accepted all around the world, allowing users to shop at more than 35 million merchant locations where MasterCard is accepted. Users can also withdraw cash from more than 2 million MasterCard ATMs located all around the world.
  • Multiple Reload Choices It is easy to reload a GoCash prepaid card. There is no limit to reloading the card. Users can visit 140 branches of UAE Exchange spread across UAE to reload their GoCash card.
  • Easy to Manage Money GoCash allows users to check their balance and transactions through the GoCash mobile app or on the website portal. Users can also opt for an E-mail subscription and SMS alerts.
  • Add-Ons Free Travel Insurance is offered to every user which also includes Currency Swipe option. This makes GoCash a feasible and extra beneficial payment method.
  • Security The GoCash prepaid card features a unique chip system and personal identification number that ensure complete safety of every user’s personal information to make every transaction secure. 

There is no need for a bank account when you are obtaining a GoCash card

How to Use a GoCash Card?

It is simple to use a GoCash Card. Below are the steps that show you how you can use the GoCash Card for various transactional purposes:

  • You need to purchase the GoCash Card from an authorized merchant.
  • After you have the card with you, the choice of currency needs to be selected from the available list of currencies.
  • Load your GoCash prepaid card with the amount you have decided in your budget.
  • The amount will be converted to foreign currency
  • Reload the amount in your GoCash card at any of the authorized representatives, UAE Exchange authorized distribution channel, or at any of the UAE Exchange branches located in the UAE
  • In case the card is lost/stolen/damaged, you can file a report at the GoCash Card Service Centre by calling +971-2-6355625.
  • Whenever the card is located, the Service Centre would immediately block the card for a temporary period.
  • To continue using the GoCash Card, users are required to place a replacement and activation request

Online Betting Sites Accepting GoCash Card

The list of online betting sites that accept GoCash card as a payment method includes Dafabet on top. This is the only trusted online betting site that is offering users the opportunity to use the GoCash prepaid card to wager their money on a variety of casino games and sporting events. Both depositing and withdrawal options are available on Dafabet To make a deposit, all you need to do is select the GoCash card from the payment options for deposit, enter the deposit amount and click deposit. The amount would be instantly transferred into your betting account. A maximum deposit limit of ₹50,000 has been set while the minimum is capped at ₹50. For withdrawals, no fee is charged a fee would be charged. Also, since Dafabet accepts INR, there is no need to pay conversion charges.

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