Best Online Betting Sites in India 2022

Here you will find the complete list of the best online betting sites in India.

100% up to ₹10,000
Accept Rupees. Minimum deposit: ₹1,000. PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller do not qualify for bonus.
5,0 rating
200% up to ₹20,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹300.
4,8 rating
200% up to ₹10,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹500.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹50,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹10,000.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹8,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹1,600.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹8,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹75.
4,5 rating
100% up to ₹24,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹100.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹10,000 + ₹1,000 Casino
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹250.
4,8 rating
100% up to $100
Register and deposit a minimum of $1.
4,5 rating
100% up to ₹8,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹300.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹2,500
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹300.
4,5 rating
100% up to ₹9,750
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹100 twice.
4,5 rating
100% up to ₹10,000 + 20 free spins
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹250 using code WELCOME
5,0 rating
100% up to ₹10,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹300.
4,8 rating
150% up to ₹15,000
Accept Rupees. Minimum deposit: ₹1,000.
4,5 rating
100% up to ₹2,500
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹200.
4,8 rating
100% up to ₹8,000
Accept Rupees. Register and deposit a minimum of ₹1,600.
4,8 rating
Bet $10 get $30 in Free Bets
Make a minimum deposit of $10 using bonus code 30fb.
4,5 rating
Bet ₹2,500 get ₹2,500 in free bets
Accept Rupees. Make a minimum deposit of ₹100
4,5 rating
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A Detailed Account of Online Betting in India

In India, gambling has grown exponentially over the years due to the commercialization of sports and major investment in advertising of online betting sites. Data collected over the past 10 years suggests that more than 80% Indians gamble at least once a year. The estimate annual earnings in India from the gambling market is stated to be around $60 billion. However, more than half of the earnings are generated through illegal betting.

The rapidly growing world of online betting in India and different views on betting laws have made matters very confusing for everyone. We will give a complete account of the state of betting in India and how online betting has made a difference in creating a transparent system. And you will also learn everything you need to know about the best betting sites in India.

Legal Framework of Betting in India

There are strict restrictions on gambling all across India except for horse riding and lotteries, which have been legally permitted. However, the states of Sikkim and Goa have much more relaxed policies than any other state, which is why you see more than a dozen casinos operating in Goa

For most of the 21st century, online gambling in India has been able to evade the Indian legal system as there were no specific laws in the state legislature to keep a check and maintain transparency in gambling operations. 

The Information Technology Act 2000 prohibits everyone from publishing such information on online sources that have the potential to corrupt people (which also includes information on online gambling).

All in all, there is no specific law that declares online betting in India to be a criminal act.

Moreover, the Federal Information Technology Act, 2011 was also intended to put restrictions on Indian Online gambling activities. The law holds Internet service providers accountable to ensure all foreign websites are banned and no Indian can have access to them for gambling purposes. However, the law doesn’t prevent Indian citizens from having access to online gambling services. This gives Indian gamblers the freedom to get access to popular online bookmakers like Bet365, Ladbrokes, and William Hill. These bookmakers accept Indian currency and offer the option of e-deposits through platforms like Neteller and Skrill. 

The Betting Haven of India – Sikkim

Although there are laws by the Central Government that prohibit betting in India, it is up to the state to decide whether it should be allowed or not. Different states interpret the Acts by the Central Government in their sense and for their benefit. This is the reason that the eastern state of Sikkim has become a haven for sports betting.  

The Foreign Exchange Management Act states that the use of any other currency for gambling other than Rupees is illegal. This has caused a major shift in the way betting is done. A punter — the person who places a risky bet or gambles, has found multiple illegal methods of placing the bet. On the contrary, Indians who use online gambling platforms have started using e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller

Recent announcements by the Central Government of India included the thought of making online gambling legal in India, albeit putting restrictions on the amounts wagered for each bet by a punter along with the number of bets would be regularized.

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Beginners Starter Kit to Online Betting in India

Popular Online Betting Sites for Indian players

Below we have mentioned a few websites with excellent services that equal major betting websites from all over the world:

Royal Panda black and white logo

Royal Panda

The platform was launched in 2004 and since then has been known for its casino and offerings in Live Casino. The platform allows the use of Indian Rupee and has a courteous and helpful customer service, which has helped it gain much popularity among the Indian betting lovers.

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Bet 365 green, yellow and white logo


This is the largest betting company in the world offering a generous amount of services including live betting. Indian customers have a lot of options to make payment and select various sports and events for betting. The platform also has special rewards for loyal players. 

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Betway black and white logo


This online betting site suits best to the Indian gambling enthusiasts because it gives the permission to withdraw and deposit in rupees. Established in 2006, Betway provides great betting opportunities to Indian customers on on a variety of sports like horse racing and cricket.

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leovegas logo with a lion


The company is among the most established online betting sites from Europe offering great mobile betting experience, a wide range of sportsbook, and superior quality odds. It also offers deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupees.

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Online Sports Betting Sites in India

Gambling is prohibited for Indian citizens under The Public Gambling Act, 1867. However, with the advent of the Internet, millions of betting enthusiasts have found an unregulated platform for gambling where they can earn big bucks. Sports betting in India is mainly allowed in horse races, which is considered to be a sport of skill by the Supreme Court of India. However, betting on other sports depends on the laws of different states or general Indian laws. 

Famous sports that people bet on include cricket, tennis, basketball, football, horse racing and kabaddi. Offshore betting sites based in countries like Malta and Costa Rica offer bonuses and interesting platforms to Indian betters.  


Since cricket is a religion for Indians, millions of players bet on different teams, championships, and leagues. Several popular cricket betting matches include the Indian Premier League, International T20’s and other global events. Websites like Betway are among the top ones to offer lucrative offers and services to cricket enthusiasts. An estimate of 400 million Indians regularly watch their National Team play in different cricket tournaments every year.

Cricket Betting


Mainly popular in the eastern states of Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, and West-Bengal, online football betting in India is getting popular every year. The sport has been a part of Indian culture since the British era and has seen some of the greatest players create history. Today, people are greatly interested in betting on their favourite player and team whenever they play in international leagues and matches that happen in India.

Football Betting


As long as people of India remember, Kabaddi has always been a popular sport among the masses. It is believed to have been invented in the state of Tamil Nadu, hundreds of years ago, and today has been glamourized with new technologies and event setups. Kabaddi has seen a surge in betting since the introduction of the Pro Kabaddi and Super Kabaddi Leagues. These leagues are a commercialized version of kabaddi, heavily dependent on advertisements and with greater entertainment value.

Kabaddi Betting

Best Sports Betting Offers in India
10 Cric
5,0 rating
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹10,000
4,5 rating
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹9,750 Min Deposit: ₹100
4,8 rating
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹24,000 Min Deposit: ₹100
4,8 rating
200% Welcome Bonus up to ₹20,000 Min Deposit: ₹300
4,5 rating
Bet $10 get $30 in free bets
Min Deposit: $10
3,0 rating
Welcome Bonus up to ₹4,000 Min Deposit: ₹400
T&C Apply
4,8 rating
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹2,500 Min Deposit: ₹200
4,8 rating
100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹50,000 Min Deposit: ₹10,000

Mobile Apps for Betting

Mobile Apps for Online Betting in India

With the advent of mobile Internet, things have become much more convenient and user-friendly in the past 10 years. Mobile apps for betting on sports and other events have been developed for smartphones and tablets so users can gamble on-the-go. This is a brilliant option for those with a fast-paced life. 

Best Mobile Betting Apps for Online Betting in India

All the major apps are from the most popular online betting sites including — Betway, LeoVegas, Bet365, 22Bet. Royal Panda, Betwinner, ComOn!, 1xBet, UniBet, and 888Sport. These apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms. 

  • 22Bet: This one is designed to watch live games and has in-play scoreboards that allow you to keep track of the game score and place your bet accordingly. The platform also offers Immediate Cash Out feature.
  • Bet365: This application is perfect for Cricket betting and offers Sports Live Stream function where you can watch live matches and accordingly place the bets in the manner that suits you the most. You can choose from multiple sports and place the bet without any restrictions.
  • LeoVegas: The application gives you a generous welcome bonus and has an easy to navigate and engaging interface that has been awarded for its user-friendliness, multiple times. The app provides regular notifications on new offers and latest updates on various sports tournaments, championships, and leagues.
  • Royal Panda: Just like LeoVegas, Royal Panda offers a welcome bonus and has a lucrative offer for the players to earn Loyal Panda Points that will get privileged players more benefits. The user-friendly interface allows players to bet instantly on cricket.
  • Betway: This is one of the most popular ones and offers daily promotions that would get you more bonus points. The easy-to-use Quick Bet system is designed for players to place their bets without following multiple steps. It has one of the largest selection of events (more than 2000).
  • 888Sport: The application provides access to an extensive selection of global sporting and racing market. There are various special features that include Irish and the UK racing live streaming, various in-play sports betting, and a guide and results service. 888 also offers a welcome bonus for which one has to create an account.

What Benefits Do Mobile Gambling Apps Have for Punters?

A great betting app has multiple benefits that would make your gambling experience much more enjoyable and smoother. Below we have mentioned some of the main benefits that you can enjoy through the mobile gambling apps:

  1. Simple Interface: Unlike desktop-based platforms, mobile apps have a simpler interface that aids a smoother gambling experience. Menus and other betting features are easy to navigate, which increases the player’s convenience. 
  2. Quick Loading: Mobile betting applications don’t take too much time to load, unlike the websites. This saves time that the players can spend on playing rather than waiting for the app to load. Moreover, a slow loading page compromises the betting accuracy. Mobile apps eliminate this issue with the smartly designed algorithms that help the app load faster.
  3. Push Notifications: Although many mobile users do not like push notifications, these are a great way for betting enthusiasts to stay updated on the live score and the latest odds. Many times a player is required to cash out their stakes immediately. Push notifications give a timely alert to the player for them to take the necessary action on time. 
  4. Cash-Out Option: This option was earlier not available which made it difficult for mobile gambling app users to play. The new applications have the cash-out feature designed into them which enables a player to take a part of the stake back in case they find a bet going against them. They can also take a cut from the profit if things go in their favour.
  5. Fingerprint Login: Mobile gambling apps don’t need you to enter your ID and password every time you use them. With the latest fingerprint login available in new smartphones, logging into the app is easier. The fingerprint can be customized the first time you log in so it is convenient for you to log in the next time when you use the app.
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Online Betting Sites Deposit Offers

Depositing and Withdrawing Money from Your Gambling Account

After you have managed to create an account on any of the websites that you find suitable to place your bets, the next step needs you to deposit the funds so you can go ahead with placing bets. Generally, every website has different options for deposits and withdrawing of funds. 

We list the primary transaction methods that almost every website is using these days:

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and debit cards are the common payment modes on any type of online portal that accepts payment in exchange of a service. Similarly, betting portals allow users to deposit and transfer funds using their debit and credit cards. However, in most cases, money is transferred through a third party.
For instance, if you want to transfer funds in or out of your account at LeoVegas, you can purchase payment vouchers from Kluwp — a payment provider that accepts card payments.  You can further use the voucher to deposit the amount. The process is automatic and can be called a VISA card deposit.

More About VISA & MasterCard


Neteller and Skrill are two major e-wallet service providers who have a great footing in the online casino and sports betting market. An e-wallet is an electronic card that is designed for users to carry out online transactions through a phone, tablet, or computer. They are one of the most secure and easiest transaction platforms and therefore very popular among punters and betting professionals.

They require you to link your bank account so you can easily transfer the funds. E-wallets usually store personal information and allow users to make instant deposits and withdrawals on a selected number of online betting sites. They also eliminate any chance of your bank information getting revealed to a betting website.

They are free to use, however, several betting sites ask for a small commission on making a transaction.

Advantages of Using an E-Wallet

  • E-Wallets help in keeping the personal and bank account details off from the betting sites. There is no need to enter the bank details every time you want to deposit or withdraw money. 
  • In case the betting site is compromised, you would lose all the money in your e-wallet (it is advised that you keep the balance low so you don’t incur major losses). The bank details won’t be compromised, which is a great thing that’s essential to keep the bank account privacy intact. 
  • The bank, in any way, cannot get to know about your gambling transactions. This is beneficial for you as you can easily submit mortgage applications without any fear of being scrutinized.
  • The transaction processing time is faster which makes it a great platform to be used for moving the money around or on to various betting websites. 
  • You have the facility to keep track of the winnings/losses and other details in all of your betting accounts in one place.

Popular E-Wallets


Skrill is among the most trusted e-wallets that almost every online gambling platform has incorporated into their interface. This payment portal has been in business since 2001 and has a huge user base that crosses the 30 million mark at present. The platform provides safe and secure transaction services across 200 countries in more than 40 currencies.

Users can create a free account on their phones, tablet or computer. The app has a single-tap payment system and aids secure mobile-friendly and instant transaction.

Skrill Logo

It is free to create an account on your phone, tablet or computer. They feature a one-tap single click payment platform for fast and secure mobile-friendly transactions.

Skrill Fee Structure?

If you are using Skrill for personal transactions, the account is free of any fee. Anyone with an account on Skrill needs to make a payment once every 12 months at least. On not meeting this requirement, a £3.00 service fee will be directly deducted every month from your account.

Below we have mentioned the fee Skrill levies for depositing, withdrawal, and transferring of funds to another party:

Depositing FeeWithdrawing FeeFund Transfer to Other Party
Bank Transfer: FreeVisa: 1.90%Price: 1.43%
Visa: 1.90%Bank Transfer: £4.76Min. Fee: £0.43
Neteller: 3.0%Visa: 7.50% 
PaySafeCard: 7.50%  
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Neteller is another well-known and reliable e-wallet that is trusted worldwide for its fast and secure transaction system. The portal supports money transfer from forex trading firms and social networks firms. Created in Canada in 1999, Neteller moved its head office to Isle of Man in 2004. In 2000, the company started processing payments for gambling websites and was able to cater to more than 85% gambling merchants across the globe.

Neteller Logo

Belonging to Optimal Payments Ltd. Corporation, Neteller allows customers to transfer money worldwide. It operates in more than 190 countries and supports 18 currencies. The payment portal ensures complete security of the user’s bank details and other personal data through its advanced encryption technology and the antivirus software. All the funds are stored in separate trust accounts for maximum security.

With over 23 million users worldwide, Neteller is the most trusted payment gateway that is available out there.

Users can easily create an account by simply downloading the application from Google Play Store or App Store on their computer. No fee is charged while opening an account.

Neteller Fee Structure

Neteller has a fee structure for different services including uploading the funds to your account, withdrawing the funds from your account, and transferring the funds to another party. Below we have made a list of fees that are levied on different services: 

Depositing FeeWithdrawing FeeFund Transfer to Other Party
Skrill: 3.0%Bank Transfer: €7.5Price: 1.45% Min. Fee $0.50
Visa: 1.95-4.95%Bank Draft: €7.5-25 
Neteller: 3.0%  
PaySafeCard: 7.50%  
HSBC: 7&  

Moreover, many sites charge a depositing or withdrawing fee through Neteller. Therefore, you must check the individual bookie before making the transaction.

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Prepaid Cards

A Prepaid Card is another payment method that is being widely used on multiple online betting platforms in India and worldwide. A great example would be AstroPay that provides payment cards that you can buy with a specific value and use to deposit the funds to your online betting account.


The virtual currency industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years and has entered the gambling market. Bitcoin is one such type of currency that has got global recognition as an alternative to liquid funds. With each passing day, the bitcoin industry is becoming more competitive with hundreds of cryptocurrency sites cropping up.

With an increasing competition, many online betting sites worldwide and in India have started offering bonuses and benefits to lure more high rollers and punters. The fast deposits and withdrawals along with low transfer fees have made bitcoin betting much more popular among the newbies and the pros.

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Top Rated Crypto Sports Betting Sites

Below listed are some of the major crypto sports betting sites that have thousands of Indian users also:

  1. Stake: This site is one of the most popular ones and the most preferred crypto betting sites. This is because of its user-friendly interface and a multitude of sports for you to place your bets in. Although no welcome bonus is offered, the website provides various bonuses, cashbacks, and VIP perks. The registration process is really easy, only requiring a person to enter their username, email address, and password. Each account is anonymous, which is an excellent system to maintain user privacy. With more than 20 thousand events every month, has become one of the largest cryptocurrency-based betting platforms. It is available all over the world except the Czech Republic, Australia, and the USA.
  2. SportsBet: The website accepts both cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin from users operating from countries around the world except punters from Estonian countries, Australia, and the USA. The platform is legally very sound and constantly takes client feedback to improve the services. Various currencies accepted are $US, $CA, EUR, INR, LTC, BTC, LTC, ETH, and SOC. Payment methods accepted include PaySafeCard, Ecopayz, MuchBetter, Mastercard, and Visa. SportsBet offers many promotions regularly, which are beneficial for all kinds of players. It is available in EU, Asia, South America, UK, and India
  3. 1xBit: Launched in 2016, this platform became one of the highest-rated cryptocurrency-based sports betting sportsbooks because of the extensive selection of games in different sports and a variety of lucrative promotions. The website is anonymous and available in 60 languages. 1xBit is the only website that allows users to make deposits using 25 cryptocurrencies including PAX, LINK, OMG, USDT, LTC, ETH, and BTC. The number of events is huge including the UFC, eSports, Politics, and various events. Users are not asked for their personal data and the account creation process is really simple. There are lots of promotions and bonuses along with a welcome package of up to 7 BTC. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world. However, the UK and US punters may not be allowed to use the website or may have limitations. 
  4. BetOnline: This is the most popular crypto gambling website for players residing in the US. However, the website is accessible from all over the world and is among the first Bitcoin sports betting websites that offers security and ensures complete regulatory compliance of a casino in the US. Users can choose from a large selection of live and sports betting options and the platform accepts cryptocurrencies such as LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, and BTC. The bonuses are higher for users who are betting with bitcoin. The 24/7 customer care portal is very responsive to issues and concerns. A 50% welcome bonus is offered, which is up to $1,000. Also, a 100% bonus for first-time crypto deposit is there, too. 
  5. Thunderpick: The website is a newly launched cryptocurrency-based platform that has shown great potential in becoming one of the topmost betting websites because of the user-friendly interface and the helpful customer service portal. Thunderpick offers players to bet on eSports such as Dota 2, and CS: GO League of Legends. Moreover, users who stick to cryptocurrencies are allowed to have an anonymous account. The money withdrawn from an account takes only 15 minutes to reflect in the user’s account. Users can deposit funds using currencies such as BCH, USDT, XRP, ETH, LTC, and BTC. Thunderpick also has its own cryptocurrency that users can buy to bet. The website is available in Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Punters all over the world can access Thunderpic except those who live in Netherlands, France, the US, Malta, Sweden, Poland, Northern Ireland, and the UK.
  6. FortuneJack: This is one of the first Bitcoin sports betting websites that was launched in 2014. Today, the website ranks the highest in cryptocurrency gambling category and has a vast selection of betting games and events. FortuneJack has a user-friendly interface where users can easily create an account by only entering their email, password, and name. The customer support at FortuneJack is available 24/7. The website accepts currencies including ETH, LTC, BCH, and BTC. Users are offered 110% bonus on first deposit, which is up to 1.5 BTC along with 250 free spins. Also, there are reload bonuses for up to 3.5 BTC offered every week. It is restricted in the UK and US and available for punters living in the EU, South America, and Asia.
  7. Betcoin: Launched in 2013, Betcoin has been constantly expanding its outreach and services that include a wide variety of sports betting games and live sports betting options covering almost every major sport on the planet. The website allows betting on MMA, boxing, cricket, rugby, basketball, volleyball, tennis, American football, baseball, and football. The currencies accepted include XRP, XMR, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, BCH, and BTC. VIP player program on this website provides users the loss percentage with the points earned during every bet.

Best Welcome Offers in India

What is Betting Promotions

Betting promotions are often connected to a specific event or game. For a long time, online bookies have always had some kind of promotion to offer. From the time a user signs in to their betting account to becoming an old member, every betting site has something for every player. 

The promotions are not only deposit-based but also offered for different competitions. A general price structure is always in place for competitions to allow a player to win holiday trips and cash prizes. The most lucrative ones are offered during major events such as the Olympics, World Cup, and the final match of a championship or majors. 

How Many Types of Betting Promotions Are There?

Be it online betting in India or other countries, promotions have been used to increase the exposure and enhance player retention rate. There are several types of betting promotions that online betting sites have conceptualized to create a greater user base and retain the existing players. These promotions are made available to players from different categories. Below are the types of promotions generally available on betting websites in India and around the world:

  • Enhanced Odds Promotion
    Certain websites came up with the idea for Enhanced Odds Promotions for specific marquee style events. Punters can bet on the events and win more than they would win in any other promotion depending on the event and the accuracy with which a bet is placed. These are short-term offers that come with immensely increased odds for specific bets on specific events and games.
    Bookies may sometimes offer accumulators a host of boosted odds for multiple games on a single slip.
  • Acca Insurance Promotion
    This is a type of promotion that involves an accumulator in situations where there are five or more selections on the markets and sports listed on the websites. In case any one of the selection is lost, the stake would be refunded as a free bet. Some websites might have more than five or fewer selections. You must check the site and find all the relevant details. This will get you an upper hand while placing a bet and increase your chances of winning something.
  • Accumulator Bonus Promotion
    An accumulator bonus is a kind of bet that in increase the winning potential of a punter. However, the risk of losing also increases as you are required to win on two or more different wagers that are positioned in conjunction with each other. If you lose, you do not win anything. An Acca bonus would give a punter a greater chance of winning a bet in relation to the number of matches that appear on the bet slip.
  • Money-Back Promotion
    This promotion is available on many sites on the first bet and valid only if it is not won. This type of betting promotion is most common in horse racing and can be used even on online betting sites in India. After the first bet is placed, every other bet will automatically be settled under normal terms and conditions. In many cases, the money is paid back as bonus money or free bets.
  • Free Bet Promotion
    Through Free Bet Promotion, players win free bets after the conclusion of a disclosed amount bet. In many cases, the free bet is only offered if a punter loses the bet while in other cases, it is offered irrespective of the bet’s result. Free bets are also given as a reward to loyal players via email, text, or phone.
  • Best Odds Guaranteed Promotion
    This type of promotion was conceptualised for major sports events and bets that are placed early. Many online betting sites will offer the best odds to an event’s result, irrespective of the time you will place them. This is a very convenient type of promotion that doesn’tr require Internet searches to find the best odds. You can simply sign up with a bookie that is offering the Best Odds Guaranteed Promotion on the event you want to place your bet on
  • Reload Bonus Promotion
    A Reload Bonus Promotion by various betting sites is specifically created for punters who have deposited their money at least once in the past. Some betting sites even call their customers to present them with this reload bonus promotion. This is beneficial for both the parties as the player can give a boost to their account while the bookie can retain the customer.
  • Competition Promotion
    Online betting sites provide this promotion offer mostly for major sporting, political, and other events. This includes the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, Cricket World Cup, major election results, etc. The offers generally feature competition between all players and prize draws. Punters have the chance to win a prize only if they wager a specific amount and achieve first, second, or third position. Each competition might have a different format, but mostly involves players betting for a while. The winner is declared at the end of the betting session.
  • Existing Customer Bonus Promotion
    This type of promotion is the most common among online betting sites throughout the world. This is meant for maximum retention of players who have been continually playing for a fairly long time. An Existing Customer bonus generally includes the bet offer getting multiplied, an option for a free bet, and much more. The bonus mostly relates to no-risk stake cases and free bets.

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Future of Online Betting in India

With a drastic increase in the annual revenue generation, sports betting in India and worldwide has become a multi-billion dollar industry. If considered as a sector, sports betting has seen exponential growth in the past 10 years and continues to grow even more with players getting easier access to betting platforms through smartphone apps. Countries like the UK have not imposed any restrictions on online sports betting for a fairly long time. This doesn’t seem to be the case anywhere else in the world. However, the US has recently legalised sports betting online, which can mark as a cornerstone to the entire industry in becoming legal world over

Indian Government Plans to Make It Legal

At present, gambling and betting on almost everything is illegal at the moment. However though, the situation may seem weird and confusing after one looks at the continuously growing number of Indians who like to gamble and bet online. Being a buoyant sector, it seems that online betting in India may not have a bleak future.

A major example of this is the number of Indians who refer to the cricket guide provided at to get an idea about where to place a bet to increase the winning chances.

Most online bets in India are being placed through international betting sites that do not come under the jurisdiction of the Indian law. The situation might be different in the coming years as recommendations are being made by an official commission. In 2018, the commission put forth a recommendation to the Government of India for legalising the betting and gambling industry throughout the country

This recommendation may take years before it becomes a law, but general purview is pretty much clear, which gives a hope that online betting in India will become legal. 

Number of Betting Sites for Indian Players Set to Increase

The increasing support for legalisation of online betting in India will surely have an impact on the number of betting sites. The number is set to increase exponentially as the users have increased manifolds in the past 10 years. Availability of different betting platforms including smartphone apps will create greater opportunities for people to earn anytime and anywhere. This will automatically increase the revenue generation in the Indian sports betting market

The major beneficiaries from the legalised betting industry would be the global betting giants. A partnership with the Indian online operators can be seen which would increase their foothold in the entire country. Different website versions dedicated to Indian players would be developed to make the betting experience much more convenient. 

More Direct Marketing

The online sports betting market in India is projected to increase its outreach drastically by investing more resources into marketing. Increasing the efforts in advertising their services would help retain and increase their customer base, which would be great for revenue generation and expansion of the industry. Promotional platforms could be digital media and even traditional offline advertising such as billboards. Everything depends on the Indian Government making amends to the old gambling laws. 

An Upward Trajectory for Online Betting in India

Despite the strict laws and prohibitions, online sports betting in India is continuously witnessing an increase in the number of new players with every passing year. A major shift to such kind of entertainment with immense earning possibilities would be liked by a large section of the country that has a population of more than a billion people.