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Online Free Bets: Everything You Need To Know

There are several ways through which online bookmakers try to lure in more and more customers. The most effective way through which they succeed is promotional offers. Almost all the betting websites offer a range of promotions to new players. Such a concept is not new in the online betting market. This thing has been going on with traditional bookmakers as well.  The only difference between the two is that online bookmakers and casinos tend to offer better deals and are more generous as compared to traditional bookmakers and casinos. Due to the operational costs being pretty low, online bookmakers can offer better deals without even thinking twice.  Also, there are online casinos which offer several amazing deals to new players. It’s not only limited to that, sports betting websites are doing the same thing. One such concept that they are offering is ‘Free Bets’. It does not matter if you are a newbie or an advanced player at any of the online betting and gambling platforms, free bets provide you with an opportunity to learn plenty of new betting strategies.  This article will focus on how the concept of Free Bets works and how they are able to attract a huge number of new players on these online betting websites. Free bets allow you to practice and figure out new online gambling strategies. Players can try out new things without risking your own money at all.  If you are well aware of how free bets work, then we will give you an idea about the best deals you can grab online. There are several websites such as LeoVegas, Betway, Bet365, etc. that offer free bets from time to time.  For those who are unaware of how free bets work, you should continue reading to get more information. We will tell you about how they work, which websites offer the best deals, and much more. 

What is a Free Bet?

As the name suggests, a free bet is a chance to place a bet without wagering your own money. It nullifies the element of risk because you are not using the betting amount from your own pocket. When you place a free bet, it is the gambling website that takes all the risk for you and places a bet from their own pocket. Free bets are available based on the initial investment that you put on the online betting website. Free bets allow you to put up wagers with 0% risk on your behalf.  In several cases, a free bet is offered to an online bettor as a welcome promotional offer which can be availed by depositing or placing a small from your own pocket. Free bets are also offered to the online bettors who play regularly and are loyal customers of the website, depending upon the money they wager regularly.  The way these websites tend to retain most of their customers is through free bets. They attract new players as well as hold on to the existing ones with the same simple strategy. You can place a free bet that has been offered to you in casinos or sportsbook of any of the bookmaker sites. No risk factor is involved which is why all professional players seek bonuses in the form of free bets.  The best thing about such bets is that if you win any amount, you get to keep the profits of the win whereas if you lose the bet, you are not losing any real money from your own pocket. Before becoming an advanced or an expert online bettor, a safe method like free bets is the way to learn new things. 

How Does a Free Bet Work?

Free bets as a phrase can have multiple meanings depending upon the situation. One more thing we would like to put out is that people mistake a sign-up bonus for a free bet which is not the case. A free bet is very different from a sign-up bonus. Most online bookmakers provide free bets to their existing as well as new customers. Bonuses have minimal wagering requirements before they can be withdrawn while free bets are offered in divisions of amounts rather than a lump sum bonus amount. Also, most of them have an expiration date which is not the case with bonuses. 

A free bet is very different from a sign-up bonus

There are several bookmakers out there that don’t allow the players to keep the free bet amount. You can withdraw the profits rather than the full amount. You don’t get to keep the initial amount as it was a free bet. There are no additional requirements for placing a free bet on a betting site. However, conditions may vary on each online bookmaker There are some cases where even the winnings are not allowed to be withdrawn until they are used to start a new wager and you win that wager as well. Then, you get to keep both i.e., the previous as well as the current wager profits. There are different conditions to this rule for different online betting websites

Where Can You Find Free Bets?

There are lots of online betting and gambling sites that provide various free bets to their new and existing customers. All of these sites don’t provide these bets in the same way. Some may provide free bets as a Welcome Bonus while some may provide them on a regular basis after a required number of wagers. There are many other ways as well.  The list below provides a general idea of how free bets work and which betting site provides what type of free bets: 888Sport  With 888Sport, you will have to bet at least $10 from your own pocket to get a $30 worth of free bet from the website.  Betway Betway has a very different approach towards providing free bets to its customers. It gives out free bets to its active players on a regular basis with each bet having an expiration date.  ComeOn  ComeOn deals with cricket as their target sport which is why they offer a wide variety of free cricket bets to their customers.  Royal Panda Royal Panda only provides a bonus amount of ₹2,000 to its new customers as part of their welcome bonus. Unibet Unibet offers new players a generous welcome bonus of worth ₹2,500 which can only be availed if the player signs-up with the website. 

Best Betting Sites in India

Choosing the Right Free Bet for Yourself

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind before choosing the right free bet for yourself. You may have to research a lot before finalising the right free bet for you. There are certain factors which we will be discussing so you choose the right free bet. The factors may act differently for different online betting websites. You should keep in mind the following points before signing up on any betting site:  

Expiration Date of a Free Bet

The free bets offered to you on various online betting sites tend to be valid for a specific time. You will have to plan accordingly and avail it as soon as possible. You need to make sure your strategy is fool proof as many times, a lot of free bets go unnoticed. A smart player would keep themselves updated so they get to grab every opportunity where they can avail a free bet. Don’t wait longer than the duration of the free bet to wager with it, otherwise it will soon be null and void.  The usual time for using a free bet as soon as you are credited with one is usually between 2 to 3 months. The expiration period solely depends on the bookmaker. You will have to be sure that if you fail to use the free bet amount before the expiration period, it will be useless and you won’t be getting any benefit out of it. It belongs to the simple terms of the wagering rules set by the websites.  There might be the case of not fulfilling the requirement for the free bet as well. You won’t be getting the benefit of a free bet in this case as well. 

Money Wagered Plays a Huge Role

It is human nature to be attracted to anything that is monetarily profitable. This is a general marketing strategy of online bookmakers where they chalk out strategies to provide the best opportunities to their customers so they remain loyal. One thing to keep in mind is that higher amount does not mean the odds will be higher. The odds are fair and square.  In case of a higher amount, it may come up with a complicated set of rules as well as terms and conditions. The minimum requirements might be severe as compared to the regular amount that is provided to the customers.  Keep track of all these things before signing up on an amount that looks hefty as there might be hidden terms and conditions for the same. 

Being Aware of Basic Wagering Requirements

You have to keep track of the wagering requirements before you can use or withdraw the free bet amount that has been provided to you. The requirements are different for different online bookmakers depending on the set of rules and regulations. The requirements might be severe, in which case, it is suggested that you shift to a different bookmaker site that is offering a better deal and fewer complications. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Redeeming a Free Bet

One thing that you will always have to keep in mind is that all the promotions that are offered on these online bookmakers have their own set of rules and regulations that you will have to follow.  These set of rules and regulations are important as the cases of scam for free cash are increasing day by day. To deal with such situations, abiding by these regulations is necessary.  Online sportsbook or casinos ensure customer safety by using good encryption methods where customers won’t have to worry about the safety of their money at all. 

The Benefits of Free Bets

Free bets are one thing that fascinate every online bettor. There might be lots of hooks attached to free bets but one should still go ahead and claim these lucrative offers. The benefit of getting something for free without spending any money gives you a push in the betting game without posing any risk to your earnings. That is what free bets are all about. You get something beneficial without spending a dime, using which you have a chance to earn an unprecedented amount of wins that will change your fortune.  The feeling where when an online bettor is aware that they are not going to lose anything despite placing a bet is absolutely thrilling, especially when a player is new to this kind of betting. Below we have elaborated on some of these benefits you get from free bets:

Allow Players to Experiment

In the case where a person has got almost nothing to lose, it’s a great opportunity for one to start experimenting with different betting strategies. One tends to use different strategies and ways to wager the free bet money, knowing that it won’t make a difference even if you lose the bet. Not only that but free bets also help players improve their betting skills, making them a better player in the process.  Doing such a thing with your own money can be expensive and dangerous. This is where free bets step in. They give you the freedom to experiment and learn a lot of new and exciting things while betting.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

In the general, online bettors don’t get the opportunity to practice and learn new strategies. This happens because of the constant fear of losing money which sets in a continuous cycle of mediocrity, destroying your dreams of winnings big stakes. That’s where free bets come in to play, providing players the freedom to bet with new strategies and learn a lot.  The gains might be very insignificant in the beginning but the learning factor keeps most players on the edge as they don’t have the fear of losing their own hard earned money. They tend to practice again and again and learn new strategies. 

Frequency Matters

One thing that is very exciting about free bets is that most of the online betting platforms offer free bets not only as a welcome bonus but also as regular perks that are intended to retain the players. These perks are mostly in the form of promotional offers. The consistency of these perks provides customers with an edge over wining larger bets.

Making Free Bets Profitable

As soon as you are awarded a free bet, it is very important that you use it wisely. The casual attitude that most users have results in them losing a good opportunity to earn extra and big. Most users don’t make any profits on these free bets and it all depends on how you use this opportunity. In the lieu of not having anything to lose, you should not take these free bets for granted as this is your opportunity to learn new strategies and implement them.  Some of the tips mentioned below will help you deal with free bets and try to make them profitable. You can follow these tips and wager your money responsibly:

  • You need to have realistic expectations from these free bets as they might not be fruitful or may be so tempting they you may end up losing your own money. You may or may not win big but these bets will allow you to learn. 
  • You should not expect massive profits from your very first free bet as it may be an unwanted expectation. 
  • You can learn and try out new strategies which may increase your odds of winning with these free bets and in real betting scenario. 
  • You can try to repeat the strategies that might be working for you. 

As soon as you find the right strategy, you should try to stick with it in the real game that you might be playing with your own money. You can wait on trying a new strategy unless you get another free bet Here, we conclude with this general idea of what are free bets and how they work. The most important thing for a bettor to know availing a free bet is, to stick by the rules and regulations. Practicing new betting strategies and styles can surely help players benefit. This kind of betting will not only help develop better betting skills but will also give a chance to earn an unsurmountable of winnings.

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