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Using EcoPayz for Betting Deposits and Withdrawals

It is difficult for bettors and casino lovers to find betting sites and online casinos that accept EcoPayz. Ranked among the most reputed payment platforms, EcoPayz has managed to create an untarnished reputation that has helped create a huge customer base that trusts it for the secure and safe manner in which they can transfer their money to and from their betting accounts. 

Ranked among the most reputed payment platforms

ecoPayz Blue and Green LogoWhat is EcoPayz?

EcoPayz is one of the oldest payment gateway operators in the industry which came way before popular e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal came into existence. Established in 2000, EcoPayz is based in the UK and has offices in Horsham in Sussex (UK) and is owned by PSI-Play LTD that is based in the same location in the UK. The other office is located in Riga (Latvia). The company is regulated and licensed under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by the Financial Conduct Authority. EcoPayz has the authority to issue and receive electronically transferred currency.  They have been among the first ones to introduce multiple services including the first digital wallet that launched its app for iPhone devices in the year 2009. Also, EcoPayz became the first e-wallet that issued its own MasterCard. Many of the UK bookmaker sites and online casinos accept EcoPayz In this article, we will discuss the major characteristic of this payment gateway and list all the major bookmaker sites that accept EcoPayz.

FAQ EcoPayz

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EcoPayz for Depositing at Betting Sites

Bettors who are familiar with e-wallets are aware of everything that is needed to perform a transfer. However, those who are still wet behind the ears regarding online depositing through e-wallets can follow the below-mentioned steps to understand the deposit process with EcoPayz on any of the betting sites. It should be noted that the steps mentioned below can also help you deposit through any other e-wallet. 

  • Register yourself at any of the online bookmakers that were mentioned earlier in the article
  • Verify your email address before you initiate the depositing process
  • Find the Deposit or Cashier button
  • Choose EcoPayz as the preferred payment method from the drop-down menu or click on the EcoPayz logo
  • Enter the deposit amount you want to transfer into your betting account
  • Enter all the necessary details of your EcoPayz account
  • Complete the transaction or deposit process
  • The amount would reflect into betting account which you can now wager 

EcoPayz’s interface is standard like PayPal which makes things even easier to understand

The process is barely 8 steps long and easily understandable for those who know a little bit. Those who are totally new to online betting may need a few minutes to figure out stuff, but that’s pretty much it. Moreover, EcoPayz’s interface is standard like PayPal which makes things even easier to understand. 

Advantages of EcoPayz

Before e-wallets like EcoPayz, the only deposit method that was popular among the betting community are the debit and credit cards. Today, the market is clouded by e-wallets that have gained trust from the betting community because of their high-end encryption protection technology and the ease with which anyone can perform transactions using them. Markets like the UK has drifted towards EcoPayz that has been there from the time when the Internet was a new concept and wasn’t available to everyone. Below we have mentioned a few advantages of the platform to give you a clear picture of how EcoPayz became a popular choice among e-wallet users. 

  • Withdrawal method
  • Fast deposits
  • Availability in important markets
  • High-level data protection and security

Let us elaborate on each advantage to understand how players rank EcoPayz above most e-wallets:

Instant Transactions

Betting experience of a player varies from time to time. This all depends on when, where, and how you will place a bet on a sport or playing in the casino. In sports betting especially, placing the bet at the right time and place is crucial for you to convert your odds into profitable possibilities before the bookies amend those odds.  EcoPayz makes the betting process easier by giving players the facility of instant transfers into the betting account. This turns out very impressive and fun when live betting is going on an event. This is primarily the reason that almost no online betting site accepts cheques for deposits. 

EcoPayz makes the betting process easier

Easy Payouts – Deposits and Withdrawals

Another reason for cheques becoming redundant in the betting community is because most e-wallets are also designed to act as withdrawal methods. It is understandable that every betting enthusiast would want to withdraw their winnings in an instant without going through any hassles. EcoPayz does the same thing. Even though some online betting sites compel the players to withdraw their funds through bank transfer method, EcoPayz is increasingly becoming a much more preferred mode of withdrawal. 

Accessibility and Outreach

The UK being the focal point of EcoPayz, the majority of online bettors and online betting sites accepting EcoPayz belong to the location. Moreover, it is also home to some of the most successful and popular online money transfer methods. Though the outreach is certainly not limited to the UK. Players from all over the world can opt for EcoPayz as their preferred e-wallet for making deposits and withdrawals on many international online betting sites.

coPayz has become a standard payment method option among a large number of online betting sites

Security and Privacy Protection

It is not an unknown fact that credit and debit cards and online banking are gradually fading out of the payment provider scenario in the betting industry. This is majorly because they are being overtaken by e-wallets like EcoPayz. More than that, these payment methods are much more prone to credit card frauds and identity theft that has become rampant. Therefore, the best alternative one can choose is e-wallets that have encryptions, which don’t allow hackers to get hold of your information or misuse your credit card details. EcoPayz has become a standard payment method option among a large number of online betting sites all over the world because of its strict privacy and security policies to protect your data. 


Disadvantages of EcoPayz

There is always going to be something bothersome or not right about a payment method. EcoPayz also has some flaws that should be pointed out so that you stay cautious when treading into that particular territory. The disadvantages we have mentioned below are commonly shared by a lot of e-wallets which is a great thing for you to know as you can now be extra cautious with every other e-wallet you are using. 

High Transaction Fees

It is unfortunate, but the transaction fee is comparatively pretty high than other transfer methods. This might be overwhelming for bettors who wager small amounts on various events and markets. For instance, if you are placing a fivefold bet of £5, that would be a single betting slip. Over a while, EcoPayz would charge you an entire bet slip if you are frequently making deposits. It is, therefore, necessary for you to keep your deposit and withdrawal charges as low as it can be. However, it is a fact that you will eventually have to pay some amount as a transaction fee even if you opt for any other e-wallet. 

Betting Sites Also Charge a Withdrawal Fee

This is something which a lot of betting sites boldly do despite knowing that EcoPayz and other e-wallets have a transaction fee that they charge every time you make a deposit or withdrawal. These charges are administrative fees which are completely different from the service charge EcoPayz levies on the transactions you make.  Moreover, many bookmaker sites incentivize their customers on withdrawing as less frequently as it can be and cut down the costs on their staff. This is not acceptable in ethical terms. However, some bookies still try to prove their point on how they are barely making any money.  Since Ecopayz is not at the level of other e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller in terms of popularity and customer base, it doesn’t have the authority to make special client guidelines as a mandatory set of rules that need to be followed at all costs

Players are Not Eligible for Bonuses and Promotions All the Time

Unless it is the first time when you are placing a real money bet, or making your first deposit on an online bookmaker website, you are aware that almost every e-wallet is excluded from all the bonuses and promotions that the site offers. This policy or say an unfortunate strategy applies to every punter in the UK and many other parts of the world.  This is because of the malicious activities and high volume of refund requests that every online betting site and casinos have to manage. This is the prime reason that changes to the bonus terms are made including welcome bonus deals that have free bets, enhanced odds, and various other promotions meant for new players. Most of the bettors rather go for a credit card deposit which gets them the free bets they want.  Other payment options are also available that bring players the welcome bonus and other perks they desire. 

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